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About the Advisory

The Road to Economic Prosperity Advisory Council provides leadership, oversight, and strategic guidance in developing and implementing the Action Plan. The Council is comprised of representatives from each Black community in the Halifax Region and organizations involved in economic development or capacity building in the community. Its work is supported by the Elder and Youth councils and partner organizations including the Halifax Partnership and the Halifax Regional Municipality.

The Advisory Council's mandate includes:

  1. Work collaboratively with members to expand and develop principles.

  2. Using the five elements for developing African Nova Scotian communities, advise on the implementation of the Road to Economic Prosperity Action Plan.

  3. Oversee the development and implementation of work plans for the Action Plan.

  4. Report on the progress made on the Action Plan to the African Nova Scotian community, funders, and partners.

Guiding Principles

The Council’s work is guided by the Nguzo Saba Principles.

  • Umoja (We will strive for unity in all we do)

  • Kujichagulia (Define common interests and make decisions that are in the best interest of the community)

  • Ujima (We have a role to play in the community – past, present, and future)

  • Ujamaa (Work towards collective economic strength and meet common needs through mutual support)

  • Nia (We set goals that are beneficial to the community)

  • Kuumba (We use our creative energies to build and maintain a vibrant community)

  • Imani (We will honour our traditions, draw upon the best in ourselves, and strive for a higher level).


Dolly Williams – Co-Chair

Irvine Carvery – Co-Chair

Jareeca Jones – Upper Hammonds Plains

Viola Fraser – North Preston

Rose Fraser – North Preston

Sherry Bernard – Lake Loon / Cherrybrook

Gina Jones-Wilson – Upper Hammonds Plains

Patsy Crawford – Beechville

Warren Kelsey – Maroon Hill

Tamar Brown – African Nova Scotian Affairs Integration Office (ANSAIO), Halifax Regional Municipality

Veronica Marsman - Akoma

Cheyenne Jones - Akoma

Tammy Ewing – Engage Nova Scotia

Mamadou Wade – Black Business Initiative

Chavasse Bain – African Nova Scotian Affairs (ANSA), Government of Nova Scotia

Rosella Fraser – North Preston Community Rec Centre

Shelley Fashan – Elder Council Connecter

George Frempong – Delmore “Buddy” Daye Learning Institute

Chelsea Slawter-Wright – The Alzheimer’s Society

Carolann Wright – Halifax Partnership

Support Team

Carolann Wright - Halifax Partnership

Terry Dixon - Halifax Partnership

Jenée Jarvis - Halifax Partnership

Tamar Brown - Halifax Regional Municipality

Russel Brooks - Halifax Regional Municipality

Matt Burt - Halifax Regional Municipality

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