Working Groups

About the Working Groups

Since launching the Action Plan, we have established seven working groups comprised of representatives from the Advisory Council, the African Nova Scotian community, and partner organizations that are responsible for advancing each of the three priorities and the 30 actions within the plan.


George Frimpong - Research Chair

Ian Munroe - Support

Jigme Choerab - Support

Carolann Wright - Support

Capacity Building

Viola Fraser - Capacity Building Chair

Chavasse Bain - Resource

Jenée Jarvis - Support

Land Ownership & Infrastructure

Dolly Williams - Land Ownership & Infrastructure Chair

Irvine Carvery - Land Ownership & Infrastructure Chair

Jenée Jarvis - Support

Employment Education Entrepreneurship

Jareeca Jones - Employment Education Entrepreneurship Chair

Terry Dixon - Support


Rosella Fraser - Communications Chair

Krista Juurlink - Support

Alison Gillan - Support

Community Benefits Agreements

Kate Greene - Ad Hoc

Rodney Small - Ad Hoc

Anne Totten - Ad Hoc

Tamar Brown - Resource

Carolann Wright - Support

Jenée Jarvis - Support


Finance/Funding Resources are in progress.

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