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The African Nova Scotian (ANS) Connector Program is a simple and effective professional networking program that helps retain our talented post-secondary graduates and increase the representation of African Nova Scotians in the workforce.

How it Works

The ANS Connector Program matches and connects African Nova Scotian university and college graduates (called Connectees) with volunteer business and community leaders (called Connectors). ANS Connectees are soon-to-be or recent university and college graduates, including those in the trades. They are skilled individuals who are starting their careers and need help building their local professional network. ANS Connectors are business professionals and people in our community who have strong networks and are willing to make introductions.

Connectors and Connectees meet for 30 minutes to discuss the local industry, job market, and career opportunities. The Connector then refers the graduate to at least three professional contacts, helping them to quickly build their business network.

Why Should I Get Involved?

There are many benefits to participating in the African Nova Scotian Connector Program.

As a Connector, you’ll tap into the African Nova Scotian talent pool in Halifax and Nova Scotia while helping graduates get a foot in the door. Plus, you’ll have a hand in helping Halifax become a more diverse, inclusive, and welcoming community.

As a Connectee, you’ll be able to quickly develop your professional network, tap into the hidden job market, and start and build your career in Halifax.

The Connector Program provides ongoing support to ensure Connectees and Connectors have a rewarding and successful experience.

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Terry Dixon
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African Nova Scotian Connector Program

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